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Semi Automatic Container Filling Machine
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Semi Volumatric piston filler machine  for filling  tin containers or jars, bottles Face wash , cosmetic cream, viscous paste, Pharma and Ayurvedic ointment, Adhesive and wax polish, Grease, Chutney and jam, hot and chilly sauce etc.

Highly Viscous Liquid Piston filler machine machine with product hopper as well mixing as per customer requirement optionally we provide . filling range 5gm to 2000gm with Multiple strock , our two type piston filling machine model one for mechanical operated and second for pneumatic operated machine with foot switch or sensor base working , for pneumatic machine with volume adjustable from air cylinder with sensor provide , operator can adjusted fill volume quick easily and start change volume base filling line productions.

Hopper capacity 20 Liter to 50 liter depend filling volume and product , mixing ribbon type provide with bottom outlet connection to clean hopper once over production / batch. specially CIP concept designed hopper with TC clamp  fitting to operator open Hopper and clean it easily  with Stainless Steel stand provided with machine.


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